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BAE is a lash lounge that provides high quality lashes with a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Owned by former model, Shazmin Hussein. With over 6 years working in the eyelash industry, Shazmin has earned a solid reputation for her professional work and instructional teaching. She is the result of years spent reviewing, perfecting techniques and receiving invaluable feedback from women on what they like and don't like. She's always hunting for products that work the best for her clients. 


All of the lashes used at Bat an Eye aka BAE are true black (no blue hue), double heated for their amazing curl retention and consistency. BAE carries synthetic mink and silk lashes that have a soft texture which provide comfortable wear without any irritation. 


BAE lashes are a gentle compliment to your natural lashes. We always do our best to make you feel and look beautiful!

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