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10 Best Practices for Aftercare:

  1. Do not apply makeup and keep eyes dry for 24 hours after application.

  2. Never use an eyelash curler.

  3. Do not get a lash tint or perm.

  4. Avoid oily products

  5. Do not touch, pick or rub eyelash extensions.

  6. Clean your lashes with your fingertips from top to bottom with an oil free cleanser every morning and night.

  7. Do not sleep on your face.

  8. Brush your lashes with a mascara wand everyday.

  9. Schedule your fill in advance for every 3-4 weeks.

  10. Do not wear mascara or pencil/gel eyeliner.

Common Questions

How long do the eyelash extensions last?

Lash extensions last 3-4 weeks before your next fill to maintain your full set.


How many lashes do you apply?

We apply extensions to almost all of your natural lashes. We do not apply extensions to your baby lashes because that can cause future damage and stunt the lash growth.  We apply about 50-500 lashes per eye, depending on how many natural lashes you have and the type of service you choose. 


What type of eyelashes do you use?

BAE only carries high-quality faux mink & synthetic silk lashes in a wide variety of lengths, thicknesses and curls.

Can I get an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions?

Clients can develop a sensitivity to products such as latex tape, gel pads, or cleansers during their eyelash appointment which can cause swelling. However this is very small percentage and symptoms will reside when extensions are properly removed.


Allergic reactions or sensitivities are possible with any cosmetic procedure such as makeup application, hair treatments, facials, manicures, etc. Any product you take in or apply topically to the body can cause effects like swelling, redness or irritation. This is because your body may respond to the ingredient as a dangerous invader. With synthetic materials, the body thinks it’s a harmful natural substance and defends against it. 


The important thing to note is that eyelash extensions, when done properly do NOT touch the skin. 


Allergic reactions are VERY rarely caused by vapours alone. Which is what the eye area is subjected to when getting lashes applied.The culprit of allergic reactions or skin sensitivities are way more likely to be an ingredient. Because the skin around our eyes is the thinnest skin on the human body it is most susceptible to become irritated. 


Irritations can also be, or possibly even infections from improper home care (read more on this below). 


What else could be causing irritations? 

Stabilizers like hydroquinone or MHQ. These stabilizers slow down the cure rate of lash adhesives so they don’t instantly harden on the lash, so lash technicians have a second or two to place the lash extension first. However in lash adhesive there is less than 0.01% of hydroquinone and it does not touch the skin during a lash application. Hydroquinone is also used in some skin creams for lightening purposes that is applied topically, and in box hair dye that has concentrations up to 3%. So the risk is still extremely low that lash adhesive is going to set off a reaction.  


The bottom line: There’s very small percentage of clients that become allergic to the service.



Is their Formaldehyde in the glue?

Formaldehyde is NOT in Cyanoacrylate (ingredient in lash adhesive). It is a dry gas so it can’t be added as an ingredient. Formaldehyde however, can be released by lash adhesive as a by product of product breakdown. It would need to be MONTHS of breakdown on the natural lashes to cause any effect. The maximum an extension will be on the natural lashes will be 60-75 days (the total lifespan in the growth cycle). With this said, to minimize any breakdown of lash adhesive, Bae Lashes, uses a new bottle of adhesive every 45-60 days. 


Will the lashes damage my natural lashes?

No, improperly applied lash extensions will cause damage. When done correctly lash extensions actually can assist natural lashes to be stronger and healthier than before.


Why do people take “breaks”? 

• They received “cluster” lashes which are big flares of 5-7 lashes with a big knot at the bottom of them. These can’t be applied individually to each natural lash and instead are laid across multiple lashes. This interrupts the growth cycle of the natural lashes, causing follicle stress and traction alopecia.

• They have individual lash extensions where the natural lashes haven't been isolated properly. Sometimes these lash extensions are called “express lashes” which are simply a “coat and drop” type of application and adhere large chunks of natural lashes together, causing the issues listed above. 

• They’re using lash extensions which are either too long, or too thick (or both). There are SO many varieties of eyelash extensions. Bae Lashes carries a variety of eyelash extensions in different thicknesses, lengths and curls.  

Can eyelash extensions cause bacterial and fungal infections?

Lash extension wearers are more likely to develop eye infections if they don’t wash their lash extensions properly. This is because of added surface area that bacteria and debris roam on/get caught in.

Once you have eyelash extensions, washing your eye area is more important than ever. This not only keeps your lash extensions lasting longer by keeping natural oils off of the bonds (weakens eyelash adhesive), but it also ensures your eyes stay healthy while you have extensions on. It’s the extension wearers responsibility to take proper care of the extensions at home on a daily basis.

Lash Extensions don’t cause bacterial infections, but improper home care does.


Can I do fills more than once?

Yes, lashes can be filled more than once as long as the extensions are properly maintained.


Do you fill other technician’s work?

We only do fills if the lashes are done properly. If not, a removal and full set is required.


Does the application hurt?

No, you should not feel a thing. Most people fall asleep during their appointment.


I wear contact lenses, is that ok?

Yes, however it is advisable to remove contacts before your appointment as a precaution.


How do I remove the lashes?

You can wait it out or book an appointment for a professional removal. Removals take 15 - 30 minutes.


Can I get lash extensions if I wear glasses?

Yes, if you wear glasses or contacts lenses it is safe. If you wear glasses, please bring them in so we can customize a proper length for you. 

Can I get lash extensions if I’m Pregnant?

Of course! Lash extensions are applied 1 - 2 mm away from the base of your natural lashes. For any concerns, please consult your physician.

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